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About Skopp Chiro, Sports & Health

Skopp Chiro, Sports & Health is your center in Alexandria for natural health care. Founded by Dr. Martin Skopp, our focus is on helping you recover your well-being. With our thorough care and state-of-the-art techniques, you can feel confident that you’ll get the attention you need from our experienced team.

Our Mission

Our ultimate goal is for you to achieve optimal function, performance and health. Full health is the expression of joy with unhindered movement of mind, body and spirit to do the things you love in life and to be your very best. Full health is not merely “getting by,” nor is it simply determined by the absence of symptoms and pain. Therefore, we strive to benefit everyone from all walks of life, whether or not you are an athlete.

Our Philosophy

If you are injured, we want to help you to get back doing the things you love to do; improved, happier and healthier. An injury is one way the body communicates to us that refocusing is needed in our life. Some factors that may need to be addressed are fitness status (strength, flexibility, imbalances, training errors etc.), lifestyle (sitting at work, posture, stress, lack of rest, etc.) and/or overall health status.

Giving You the Time and Attention You Deserve

Our primary concern is to always act in your best interest. Your injury will either resolve, improve to your satisfaction or you will be referred to another health practitioner who we think can help when we can’t.

You will be given adequate time to address your concerns. You won’t feel like a part in a factory assembly line. We employ approaches that are individualized to our patients; no cookie-cutter treatment plans are ever used. Your care involves state-of-the-art, proven manual therapies as appropriate for you. We’ll always get your permission first, and Dr. Skopp will give you personalized exercises to care for your injury and prevent recurrence.

Who We See

Our patients have a broad range of needs. Often, they are unable to do something they love and want to get back to it. For example, you may be unable to raise your arm due to a shoulder issue. You might miss getting a good night’s sleep from your back pain. We want to relieve your pain and get you back to doing everything you want to do.

One such case involved a paddleboard injury. The woman was in severe pain in her inner thigh and shin. After an examination, Dr. Skopp determined she may benefit from medical qigong. After a 10-15 minute session, her symptoms were gone!

Learn More Today

We welcome the opportunity to evaluate you. Contact our chiropractic office today to get started!

About Skopp Chiro, Sports & Health | (703) 721-9600

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