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Medical Qigong in Alexandria

Dr. Skopp at Grand CanyonTraditional Chinese Medicine and Medical Qigong

Within Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Medical Qigong (MQ) is known as one of the deepest and most powerful paths to healing. It’s used to restore balance and harmony to the body and is capable of giving remarkable outcomes.

When you receive MQ, it stimulates your body’s natural healing ability. Your body’s Qi (pronounced “chee”) is the invisible energy that gives you your life force and regulates your function. By increasing the Qi, you can see an improvement in numerous areas.

Restoring Energy Balance with Medical Qigong

Medical Qigong sessions do not involve touch. They are simply a transfer of energy from practitioner to patient. The result can release pain, promote healing from injury and restore your body to a state of greater balance.

Tao of Healing Medical Qigong differs from other forms of energy healing. It’s based on a depth and breadth of traditional knowledge that has been passed down from master to student for thousands of years. Because of the rigorous and ongoing training required of the MQ practitioner, it’s not commonly found. Dr. Skopp was trained under the direction of Grand Master Nan Lu and his teacher, Tai Master Xi-hua Xu.

In providing Medical Qigong, Dr. Skopp accesses universal Qi to stimulate your healing.

When your body’s wisdom is awakened, deep physiological changes can take place. Healing occurs when your body is balanced and has a harmonious environment for your body, mind and spirit. Every person’s experience in Medical Qigong is unique. Some changes happen rather quickly while others can take some time.

It’s the Real Deal

Authentic Medical Qigong Alexandria is a precious gift that is difficult to find elsewhere and can give you matchless results. Dr. Skopp would like to invite you to check out this ancient energy healing technique. Contact us today!

Medical Qigong Alexandria, Belle View, Belle Haven VA | (703) 721-9600

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