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Dr. Skopp and his wifeSkopp Chiro, Sports & Health Reviews

What Our Alexandria Patients Say

At Skopp Chiro, Sports & Health we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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ART Technique Helped Me

“I met Dr Skopp in 2000 before racing my first Ironman event (Florida). It was my first exposure to chiropractic care. I was impressed by not only his expertise in working and caring for endurance athletes, but his complete understanding of the physical and mental demands of the sport of triathlon. His use of ART helped me to train and race at an optimal level and more importantly, remain injury-free. His unique approach addresses the whole body and he makes sure that each patient understands the treatment they are receiving and how they must take personal interest and responsibility in caring for their bodies between and after treatments are completed.

I can say without hesitation, that my success and more importantly, joy in racing triathlon, ( 5 time All- American, 6 time Ironman Finisher) would not have happened without Dr. Skopp’s support, expertise and effective chiropractic and ART care. In addition, as a personal trainer I have learned a great deal from him in the area of biomechanics, neuromuscular systems, and injury prevention. He has been a real mentor and teacher in my life.”

- Philip Bergman
Founder Mindbody Fitness
Personal Trainer and Life Coach
Website –

Skilled and Dedicated Chiropractor

“For the past ten years, Dr. Skopp has treated a variety of musculoskeletal conditions for both me and many of my patients. Over the years, he has reduced pain, increased mobility, and even helped avert surgical procedures in my patients. He is kind, compassionate, an excellent listener, a knowledgeable healer, and a humorous clinician. His skill and dedication have helped me stay active and working by alleviating the physical discomfort and damage caused by the overuse and repetitive physical stresses of my job and life. His humor and candor make his sessions enjoyable. He is constantly learning and applying newer techniques to help his patients.

With respect and gratitude for all you do for me and my patients,”

- Dr Melissa Joy Thiel, MD

Helped in a Few Session

“After 24 years of training and competing in major road races, I have experienced different injuries and for the past few years have consistently had pain in my lower back/upper leg while running. In March, 2007, I visited Dr. Skopp and after a few sessions he has helped to relieve my major problems. My training runs are now more efficient and enjoyable and I’m hoping to return to my normal training schedule – with hopes of competing in the future.”

- Olga Markova
Boston Marathon Champion 1992 & 1993
New York City Marathon 2nd Place 1991 & 1992
Personal Best in the Marathon 2:23:43
St. Petersburg, Russia

Active Release Technique Helped My Hands

“As a guitar player, my hands are important to my livelihood and daily activities. With a heavy playing schedule, it’s important for me to be able to be physically relaxed when it’s time to play. Unfortunately part of the musician life includes carrying a lot of equipment. My hands and forearms take the brunt of the carrying and tighten up significantly during busy periods. Dr. Skopp explained Active Release Techniques to me and I couldn’t wait to try. Dr. Skopp worked on my hands and forearms. After this one session, the tightness in my hands was gone. My guitar playing improved dramatically as my fingers, hands and forearms felt released from the tightness which I had grown accustomed to. I highly recommend Dr. Skopp and ART.”

- Ben Rudnick
Musician and Band Leader
Ben Rudnick and Friends
Website –

Doc Keeps Me in Shape

“Sometimes it takes me a while to find the perfect person, but the wait is over! Dr. Skopp has done wonders for me! As a runner, I needed someone to make sure that everything is working as it should; so I can run in top form and pain free. Dr. Skopp is absolutely up to the task. He has taught me a lot along the way; educating me on how all the body parts interact and connect. He has taught me to address minor issues before they become a full blown injury. Running through pain is not my idea of fun. Dr. Skopp knows my goals and makes sure that I am in shape to meet those goals.”

- Sandy May
Age Group 2nd Place Ranking 2006 Race Packet Grand Prix
Course Record Holder Age Group National Half Marathon
Pacers Beginner Runner & Re-Beginner Coordinator (Women)

Highly Recommend

“I have been teaching exercise in Georgetown, Washington, DC for 25 years. I first went to Dr. Marty Skopp in 2001 because I had problems with my shoulder after years of doing pushups over and over again. I was not able to sleep at night because the pain was so intense. I thought I was going to have to have surgery and change my career. I had never been to a chiropractor in my life and many of the trainers recommended Dr. Skopp, “You have to see this man before you do anything else”. After a few visits the pain disappeared. I could not believe it! From that moment on I knew I had found someone very special. Over the last seven years, I have sent numerous clients, family, friends and fellow trainers to “Dr. Marty”. They always thank me for “saving their lives”. My favorite Dr. Skopp story is a father of a competitive horseman I knew asked me to recommend a chiropractor for his daughter’s back problem. I told him about Dr. Skopp and he told me that just the day before he had spoken to (famous football player) who referred Dr. Marty as well! I have seen Dr. Skopp once a month since 2001 and I have no physical problems. I go in for a monthly tune up! If I lived in California I would get on an airplane every month to see Dr. Skopp.

The office is run efficiently and you rarely have to wait. His receptionist, Laura is wonderful. Laura greets you with a smile, remembers your name and always makes you feel special. I promise you: You will never be disappointed by Skopp Chiropractic. I put my reputation behind them.”

- Nina Black
Professional Athlete, Personal Trainer & Exercise Instructor

Help For My Hip

“I had two extensive hip surgeries 30 year ago. For the last 25 years I have had daily stiffness and a sense of restricted motion in my hip. It was not enough to prevent me from running 30-40 mph though. After a couple of treatments of A.R.T. my hip feels significantly better. Now I only need to have a treatment every couple of months for maintenance. I now run 35 miles per week, play tennis two times a week; all at the age of 51. Initially I was skeptical of A.R.T. but now I am a believer!”

- Dr Ayne Furman, DPM

Chiropractic Helped me Remain Active

“I’ve maintained a very active physical exercise regimen all of my adult life, which has included 33 1/2 years in the US Army; including parachutist assignments. Constant pain began 12 years ago from bad knees and bulging lumbar discs. I became the patient of two chiropractors, over time, as a result, with intermittent good/so so results. However, 5 years ago I became a patient of Skopp Chiropractic and can say, without equivocating, that my overall quality of life has been consistently excellent. As a result of preventive treatment, I’ve remained pain free. I’ve, unhesitatingly, recommended him to friends and I’m doing so to others via this statement.

I look forward to conferring with Marty on a wide range of subjects during sessions; and Laura, his assistant, is one of the nicest, sweetest individuals I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in all of my extensive, global travel. What a team.”

- Major General Eugene R. Cromartie, U.S. Army (Retired)

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